Micromax Funbook: The Disruption at the lower END

A few days back I happened to watch the advert of Micromax Funbook. The Funbook was a tablet by Micromax.

My initial reaction was Alas…  Another tablet in the already overcrowded market where every other company have a tablet brand.

However after carefully thinking, I realized that it’s a sound move by Micromax. It has positioned the Funbook as a tool for “EDUTAINMENT” where students can educate themselves with entertainment. I noticed that no other tablet manufacturer has yet promoted tablet as a tangible value providing tool and they are not targeting a particular segment. By targeting school and college goers Micromax is certainly provided a strong reason to buy tablets. The tablet is preloaded with study materials from school to college


Interesting thing is that like all Micromax products it is pretty affordable (INR 6,000) which again prompts the parents to consider this product as a learning tool for their children.  With this price range even the youngster will find it appealing. The important thing is that this is probably the cheapest tablet in India and Micromax will set to gain a huge advantage over other manufacturers and China made tablets (which are in the same price range).

Another thing that is crossing my mind is this have the potential to substitute desktops which are basically bought for child’s  educational purposes only? INR 6,000 is not bad at all!!! Especially when it could perform all the functions of desktop like browsing, playing music etc etc..

In the end, I do believe that Micromax is trying to tap the right segment. It knew that it could not target the high end of the market dominated by Samsung and Apple. Instead it tried to target the non user (Low Cost Disruption) school goers and used education as a positioning and being a low cost is a cream on the top.

I would love to watch the progress of Funbook. Let me know your thoughts on this.




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