Garnier Opens Up New Segment with First Ever Shampoos for Kids

Hi All,

Reecently Garnier created new segment by launching Shampoo  for kids. Shampoo market is demographically divided into two segments:

  • Baby Shampoo: For Infants aged 1 -5 years. Dominated by J&J
  • Shampoos for 18 above: This is the category where most of the shampoo brands are competing like Head and Shoulders, Sunsilk.
So there is Gap in the market for age group say (5- 14). Garnier Targeted this segment which either uses baby shampoos or shampoos for 18 and above. It has also positioned itself as a “no tears no tangle just strength shampoo”, which again communicates that shampooing is fun to do with no crying and tears.
Communiction directly targets the kids through adverts in various cartoon channels.  In coming days we could see more companies entering this segment if segment seems profitable.
Well this crops another question. Is there an opportunity to launch similar product  for middle  aged and Older people (35- 55) and clearly segmenting the market under Baby shampoo, Kids, Youths and Older generation.

2 thoughts on “Garnier Opens Up New Segment with First Ever Shampoos for Kids

  1. Hi Anupam,

    First of all, talking about the Kids shampoo. The segmentation analysis done by you was really informative. Also, I feel that the segment has been left alone primarily because the need of that particular segment has not been yet identified. The positioning of this product from garnier is again using the J&J USP. I am still not sure whether this product should work.

    Secondly, for the 35-55 age group, the major need of the market is hair loss solution. So if companies with a perception of being Pro-Pharma like GSK bring this product out, I feel it is definitely going to sell.

    I would seriously like to have your opinion on my analysis too. I would be a great learning experience for me.

  2. Hi Prateek,

    I must tell you that for any blogger/writer, the feedback from a reader is absolutely invaluable. I cherish your feedback, and am highly encouraged by it. Thanx a lot 🙂

    First I completely agree with your comment on the kids’ shampoo. I believe that there is no specific need for this segment but the insight behind this product might be the kids behavior. Now a days kids are becoming more independent and individualistic (its like why should I use mom’s shampoo when shampoo for my age group is already available). Moreover, kids are now more conscious about the looks and aware about the products they use. This is the reason I feel Garnier is not targeting Moms like Horlicks but instead targeting kids. So launch of this shampoo is more related to filling the emotional need rather than the physical one. I think you got my point

    Secondly, as you said for the 35-55 age group, the major need of the market is hair loss solution. But I do believe that the hair loss becomes a medical condition and various clinics ( Batra’s Clinic) and Pharmaceutical companies offers solution for this condition and consumers usually seek medical advice for this condition.

    What I think (correct me if I am wrong) this age group needs a shampoo that specifically focused on prevention of hair loss. So here we are talking a brand of shampoo (specifically targets 35-55, no Bipasha, Aishwarya) that fills the gap between main stream shampoos and medications to prevent hair loss. And of course Pro-Pharma like GSK can brings this product out like Sensodyne which specifically targets population with sensitive teeth.

    Please revert back in case of any further clarification

    Thanks again for appreciation.

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