Sunfeast Yippee Noodles: Targeting Maggie with Benefit Positioning

Hello World

Top Roman failed and so did Foodles. This time Maggi with 80% market share in India is again being targeted by ITC’s sunfeast Yippie noodles with a slight different and a well thought out stratgey

The below commercials of Sunfeast Yippee noodles are based on clear benefit positioning over Maggie. Lets have a look at them one by one

  1. The above advert  attacks the largest selling variant of  Maggie, Maggie Masala, and gives consumers the choice of two masala “Magic” and “Classic”.  The advert emphasizes that since we use choices in everything why should we settle with only one choice with maggie masala

2. The advert focuses on advantage of Yippee noodles on Maggie. Usually Maggie comes in rectangular shape and while cooking it is broken into two pieces (remember maggie adverts). It results into short pieces of noodles. On the contrary Yippee comes im round shape and can easily fits into round vessel with no breaking which results in long noodles

3. The biggest problem with cooked maggie is that it is to be eaten when freshly cooked. If you keep it for some time its noodle get sticky becomes inedible. This advert exposes the same disadvantage with Maggie and promises that Yipee noodles can be eaten even after some time.

In the end Kudos to branding and research team of Yipee noodles for  such a good positioning for its noodles brand.

But still I feel lot to be done for Yipee. The biggest advantage for brands like Maggie is its taste and first mover advantage in the instant noodle market. The brand Maggie is now become generic for the category and mere advertising is not going to do any harm to Maggi.

But the key to success for Yipee will be the taste  (trials) and targeted promotional activities and good distribution (A key element since I believe some purchases for Maggie are not planned and Maggie acts as a substitute for meal)

Some where deep down also believe that most of the noodle brands target children only. Since the noodles in India is vastly consumed by Young population also, then why not target this group and segment the market. “Divide and Conquer”

Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated

See you soon Guys


5 thoughts on “Sunfeast Yippee Noodles: Targeting Maggie with Benefit Positioning

  1. The positoning is really good as people feed up with maggi on these points only sticky , rectangular shape & taste . But Maggi have also grown with different tastes.

    So Yippee have to focus mostly on different aspects on Onground Promotions…

    Waiting for a success of Yippee

  2. Brandpositioning of yippee was very nice.i personally feel yippee noodles are more advantageous and more tastier than any other is also packed wid rawveggies which is palatable after boiling.there is no need to add vegetables.but d only disadvantage is dat we cant eat the masala directly whereas maggi masala is eatable.there r some ppl who like to eat the masala directly.

  3. Maggi has struck in the minds of the people,though its taste has changed but due to no other competitor from a long time maggi is a sole trader in the world of noodles,so if yipee have to end the reign of maggi it realy have to come out with a taste to remember.

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