Blackberry: We are the Confused Boys

Ogilvy & Mather has conceptualised a new TVC for the launch of BlackBerry services for prepaid users on Vodafone. Prior to this, only postpaid customers for Vodafone could access the BlackBerry services.  Prepaid users will be able to access unlimited internet, chat and e-mail usage for Rs. 15 per day.The TVC is in the form of a song called “The BlackBerry Boys” which starts of with five top level  management men shown singing the BlackBerry song. They think the BlackBerry adds to their already established ‘coolness’. But as they sing along, to their astonishment they see additional young people coming and joining them sing. The younger people through the song talk about the chat, e-mail and surfing features available on the move with BlackBerry. As the song goes on, more and more youngsters join in to sing the song. The film ends with a frame that reads, “BlackBerry on Vodafone Prepaid, not just for office guys, Unlimited Chat and Internet at Rs. 15 daily”.

The commercial was great beautifully conceptualized and executed and able to convey messages that blackberry is available for prepaid plans also

But the problem is the positioning  of the Blackberry. In last couple of years Blackberry is trying to position itself for the mainstreamSee the Every thing you love Commercial

Earlier blackberry was positioned as a executive phone, a phone that only high level executive uses. Due its niche positioning (Executive phone) blackberry was considered as status symbol and enjoyed a high brand image

As blackberry is going mainstream I believe that it will lose its niche image and corporate stronghold. Moreover, the move will make blackberry highly susceptible to competition from other established brand such as Nokia, Samsung, Iphone.

looking at  the strategy adopted by blackberry I remembered reading the book The Blue Ocean Strategy. Blackberry it seems is rowing in the wrong directing, towards red ocean

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3 thoughts on “Blackberry: We are the Confused Boys

    • Thanks for commenting. Well Sir, The book recommends that every organization should always look for blue ocean (uncompetitive market place) and move away from red ocean (highly competitive markets). Now a days every mobile brand is targeting youth and brands such as nokia and apple has already crated a place in the market. So I believe blackberry should exploit its image of a premium executive mobile phone or it should create a new segment and positioning such as “smart phones by blackberry for young,aspiring and ambitious executives”

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