Brand Endorsement Demystified

From ages marketing wizards are trying to demystifying the puzzle of brand endorsement. The questions are endless
What makes the brand endorsement successful?
Is celebrity endorsement affects the sales?
Can celebrity overshadow my brand? What is the proper mix?
Here in this new article I have tried my hand on solving the piece of puzzle.
Let’s take a look at the components of Brand endorsement

Perceived Brand Personality of the Product (PBP)

Perceived brand personality of the brand is what consumers think about your product. For example what do you think when you see Fast Track watches. Sporty Trendy, youth driven so these are the perceived personality of the product.

Perceived personality of the Brand Endorser (PBE)

Perceived personality of the Brand Endorser Is what consumers think is the most prominent attribute of the endorsers i.e. What is about the endorser which is most talked about in the media. For e.g. Bipasha Basu is known as fitness freak (sugarfree), Kareena Kapoor for Style ( Sony Vaio) and flamboyance nature, Akshay Kumar for his sporty and adventurous attitude (reality show Khatron ke Khiladi)
During endorsement two interaction happens which can make a difference between a successful and unsuccessful campaigns

Interaction between PBP and PBE
An endorser’s personality should match the brand personality of product and vice versa. Here I would like to emphasize the word “perceived” because how the consumers are perceiving the endorser that is the personality of the endorser in the minds of consumers’. The more the fit between the personalities of the two, more the consumers see the connection and credibility.

How consumer views the fitness between endorser and the product
A question for all of you. Would you believed Kareena Kapoor when she was featured in an Ad of Boroplus cream. I bet you wouldn’t. How a style diva of Indian film industry put a meager cream like Boroplus. This is what I am talking about.
When Product and endorser come together on a platform, consumer will always look for connection and ask will he/she use this product? In other word does both complement each other.

The last but the most important thing is the creativity. Brand endorser should be used creatively. I remember the how Tata Sky was launched using Amir Khan as an endorser and Dish TV with Shahrukh Khan. I ask you which one you liked and which one looks more credible.

I think all of you must have understood what is behind brand endorsement. I will keep updating this post with examples.
Till then Bye for now and please post comments , feedbacks and related examples, I would really appreciate it


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