Foodles takes Maggie Head On

Global FMCG firm GlaxoSmithkline Consumer Healthcare announced its entry into the noodles segment, with aims to capture 10% of the estimated Rs1,000-crore organised noodles market within a year.

With Maggie is the clear maket leader with 80% of market share road ahead is no good for Foodles. I have few doubts on its success

1. Extending the most popular Health drink (Horlicks) category tag to Foodles
2. I think they lost the first mover advantage when Maggie also started promoting its nutritious maggie variant

3. According to Mr Shubhajit Sen, Executive Vice-President (Marketing), GSK Consumer Healthcare “Mothers who wouldn’t have allowed kids to enjoy noodles too often will now change their minds,”. Well then. Why would they choose a brand name that sounded like Noodles

4. Taste would be a big differentiator as the brand is targeted towards kids bad taste would be detrimental to the band

Apart from all this I really feel that there is an noodles market for adults which remains largely unexplored. I know the kids market must have the largest share but niche exist for a market noodle market for adults.

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